Joe Featured in New Book, “People Who Inspire”

I am honored and humbled to be a part of Mary Dreliszak’s new book, “People Who Inspire.” an uplifting book about ordinary people living extraordinary lives. Mary writes of amazing people right here in western PA who have extraordinary stories to share, which she expertly does in this new book. Stories of rising above, of just cause and goodness, stories of overcoming handicaps and obstacles and never giving up. I am not sure I deserve to be included in with these folks, but there I am on page 149, in the “Life is an Adventure” section. That much I’ll agree with, and I also agree that Mary is one of these inspiring people, too.

Check out her blog at , where she first did my story, and make sure you check out her book, “People Who Inspire”, at

People Who Inspire Cover

And btw Mary, your book release party Thursday night was wonderful, thanks again for including me!

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