Joe Walko is a full time widowed parent to two beautiful but challenging boys, now unemployed by choice after a 25-year career in corporate finance. He is a writer and blogger searching for his voice, a seeker of his truth, a nature and adventure junkie discovering whole new worlds and beauty in the glorious struggle, in the ordinary, in his own backyard, and mostly, in his heart. Contact him at  jwalko1019@gmail.com

“I came to writing in a most curious way, led to start blogging, from the heart, following the death of my wife in 2012.  Sure I had dabbled in writing before, in a local nature rag (The Nature Observer News) and writing about my outdoor adventures, but it was mostly for fun and the entertainment of friends and family.

A month after my wife died, I set up a blog, and sat in front of the computer, and the words just flowed.  I don’t know where the words came from, I just channeled them, let them pour forth.  And they touched people around the world; there was genuine sharing and emotional connections.  I just rolled with it…

And I still do.  Most times it is not me writing, it is something inside me that is fighting to get out, to be heard.  When it gets to the point that I can no longer ignore it, where it keeps me up at night, where it takes on a life of its own, then I have no choice.   And I sit down to write…” – Joe

IMG_3190IMG_4327Caring Place Quilt


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