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The Unofficial Guide to Fatherhood

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Evening’s Light, A Journey With Grief

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“May this work find the strong light of day, to illuminate well the way for those who grieve.” – Kevin Henry, Forbes Hospice Bereavement Care Coordinator


Listen to an interview about “Evening’s Light” and a candid and uplifting dicussion of grief and the grief journey and the gifts of grief.  Aired 9/6/2014, hosted by Dominick Domasky and A Kind Voice Radio, archived at the link below:

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The helplessness of seeing a loved one in pain, of watching a loved one suffer. The sucker punch and shock of a sudden and unexpected death. The loneliness and tears shed when realizing that your loved one will not be at the next birthday party or Christmas celebration. The unity, realness, the genuineness with which we hold on to each other, heart to heart, soul to soul, in these times of loss. The painful process of dealing with conflicting, confusing, emotions, and the sudden, dramatic changes to everyday life…these are the journeys with grief.

My wife’s passing has left two children without a mom, a husband without a partner and best friend, a household with befuddled boys at the helm, and a huge void filled with sorrow and emptiness. It is time to start working through and recognizing these issues and feelings and emotions, both as a salve for my spirit, and as an example to my children. But I don’t know how…

I want to believe a quote that brings me comfort: “Grief shared is grief diminished” – Rabbi Grollman

So I reach out to others. I attend bereavement support groups, and start a blog, sharing the searing feelings and raw emotions of grief, and it helps. The stories and real time emotions from that blog form the basis of this book.

I share these stories with you now. Stories of confusion and fear, stories of sorrow and triumph, of losses and healing, and ultimately, stories of growth and rebirth, and of new direction that all losses present. My intent is to recognize the heartbreak and despair, offer companionship, and ultimately, hope, on one of life’s most complex journey’s.

Joe Walko is a full time widowed parent to two beautiful but challenging boys, now unemployed by choice after a 25-year career in corporate finance, a writer and blogger searching to find his voice, a seeker, a nature and adventure junkie discovering whole new worlds and beauty in the glorious struggle, in the ordinary, in his own backyard, and mostly, in his heart.

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